What Do I Want to Give?

I think we all know that the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment in life comes from what we give out to others. And when we can give of our creativity, so much the better.

So as we begin to build Cochrane Arts as a community, what do you know, what do you know how to do, that you would enjoy contributing to this community?

Yes, you could be a volunteer in one of many ways – and we are looking at ways of coordinating that.

But it could also be classes or workshops that you teach.

Or a service you provide – like being a virtual assistant, or being a bookkeeper, or whatever.

I love to organize and plan, for example, so that’s part of what I’m offering in setting up Cochrane Arts.

So what would you love to give? Please note the word “love”. What could you give that would give you joy and pleasure?

I’m asking this in two ways below.

  1. What do you already know that you would love to share? This could be as a volunteer or as something you offer for a fee.
  2. And, what might you like to learn, so that you could give? I’m thinking here of something along the lines of an “apprenticeship” program. Where you would be willing to work for and with someone who knows something you would like to learn?

Please fill in the following and submit.