The Founder

Who’s behind this?

I’m Evelyn Grace Marinoski, an artist and business person. I moved to Cochrane in the mid-1980’s to start a home business doing arts and crafts.

An invitation by Jack Tennant of the Cochrane This Week newspaper, to write an Arts & Crafts column, gave me the opportunity to explore the arts community, and what I found excited and surprised me. There was just so much good stuff to explore here!

The column led to the founding of the Cochrane Artisans Group, then later to the gathering of the arts businesses for the purpose of promoting the arts in Cochrane. That started the popular “See How We Do It” events which continued for about ten years before transitioning into some of the other arts events now happening here.

My husband and I moved away from Cochrane for business reasons for a time and then returned home to Cochrane in the summer of 2005. I still had a strong interest in the arts here in Cochrane and began to dream about what might be possible.

In the summer of 2008 I started a website called Arts Cochrane. The response to that was very encouraging and by fall we had a strong committee in place of enthusiastic people with great ideas.

Unfortunately for me, late in 2008 my husband’s health took a hit and by early 2009 I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to continue on with Arts Cochrane. It was with a personally heavy heart that I said goodbye to Arts Cochrane, but I was so glad that we had a strong committee in place. I am deeply grateful for the work that they did – registering Arts Cochrane as a non-profit group under the name Arts and Culture Foundation of Cochrane (ACFC) – and for all the work they have done over the years.

Little did I dream that it would be nine long years before I would be able to revisit my dream of a strong Arts community in Cochrane. My husband passed away in February 2017. Years of fulltime caregiving had taken a toll, so it wasn’t until mid-September 2017 that I began taking a closer look at what was going on arts-wise in Cochrane.

I was surprised to learn that ACFC had struggled over the past years and had finally disbanded. I was sad to hear that.

But I haven’t given up on doing something with the Arts in Cochrane. I still believe just as passionately as ever that Cochrane has the potential to be an amazing, even a world-class, arts community. I want to do something about it.

So I have started this website as a gift to the Cochrane community. I will be doing my best over the next months to get up to speed on what is happening with the arts here in Cochrane and exploring with you what we could do together to make this a fabulous arts community.

If something about that echoes as a possibility in your heart and mind too, then there are three things I’d like to ask you to do:

First, I invite you to get in touch with me. Tell me what you see as opportunities and possibilities for the arts here in Cochrane. Tell me what you need or want from an arts community, and what you would like to give to the community – that would make it a joy and delight for you.

Two, sign up as a Basic Member. Whether you are involved in the arts or just want to be a supporter and encourager, start by being a Basic Member. That will put you on our mailing list and you’ll get e-mails with the latest updates and information.

Three, spread the word. If you know of any artists, artisans or craftspeople, any arts groups or organizations or any arts businesses, let them know about this website and encourage them to get involved.

Let’s see what amazing things we can do!