Header Mosaics

One way of promoting and honoring our arts is to display them here on the website. So as I am given new images to work with, I will be creating Header Mosaics to feature on the website. Those Mosaics will then be added here together with a list of the artists shown.

Artists – if you are a Level 2 or higher member, you are invited to send me images for these mosaics. E-mail me at images@cochranearts.com. Attach the image(s) along with your name, type of art/artist, and the name of the piece.

  1. Evelyn Marinoski – calligrapher – Joyful Christmas


  1. Faye Boychuk – artist – “Mariquitas en Otono”
  2. Evelyn Marinoski – calligrapher – “McEachren Coat of Arms”
  3. Caroline Boulet – artist – “Vintage Yellow Rose”
  4. Evelyn Marinoski – artist – “Kingsfold Reteat”