Cochrane Arts Community Meeting – Jan 22

Monday, January 22, 2018
at Studio West – 205 2nd Avenue E, Cochrane
7:00 pm – tour of Studio West
7:30 pm – community meeting


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Vision & Mandate
  • Goals & Project Ideas
  • Team/Council
  • Other Considerations

This will be our first major organizing meeting. I want to hear from the arts community – what do you want an arts organization to be and to do? What do you want it to do for you? For the arts community and for the broader community?

First, I want to get a sense of what we should focus on as a vision and mandate for this group. From people I have talked to so far, I think there is some major potential we can start to explore.

I want to get a sense of the kind of goals and projects you think we should look at doing. Things like a regular arts community get-together where we meet with other artists and creatives and get jazzed about possibilities. Things like a major arts festival, an arts facility, and so on.

I want to find out who wants to be part of this. I do have some people who have already expressed an interest in being on the board or council, but I want to know who else is interested. I want to find people who have a strong vision for an arts council that could create some amazing things in the years to come.

Then, what else can we look at? How can we best promote what we have here? Who can we partner with? And so on.

Please come with your thoughts and ideas.

Evelyn Grace Marinoski

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