New Adventures

Have you ever had a dream in your heart and you try and try to do something about it and somehow it doesn’t quite come together? And then one day when you least expect it, it just kind of falls into place?

Right now that’s what I’m feeling about starting Cochrane Arts. Four weeks ago I had no idea I’d be doing this – and yet when the opportunity showed up, it was like I knew this was what I had been waiting for.

So here we are!

I’ve always believed that Cochrane has a pretty amazing arts community. I saw that 34 years ago when I first became involved in the arts community here. I find myself getting excited all over again at the amazingly creative things that are represented by the people of this town.

To give you some idea of what I have found just in the short time since starting Cochrane Arts, here are some of the people and arts I’ve met:

  • A young man with some friends who are preparing to shoot a movie this next year – it sounds like an exciting project
  • A woman who is an artist, illustrator, designer and more with Disney – I’m sure there are many interested tales to be told about that
  • A bronze foundry that creates bronzes from tiny to monumental that are sent all over the world
  • A business here in town that is looking to help people grow creatively by providing a regular venue for performance/open mike arts – singing, music, comedy, theatre, poetry, etc. By the way – this business itself is a huge story of creativity – more about that to come!
  • Someone who has a ukulele to sell
  • An abstract artist who has her own gallery and painting space
  • A photographer who does black & white natural light photography
  • An artist who paints on saw blades and other things
  • A fellow calligrapher who does beautiful work
  • Several authors and writers and bloggers
  • An painting instructor
  • And more

That’s only the tip of the iceberg – you’ll be meeting many more in the days to come.

As always, be joyfully creative!

Welcome to Cochrane’s Amazing Arts Community

Cochrane is an amazing Arts community. We have a wealth of artists, artisans and craftspeople, art clubs, arts groups, and arts businesses. What we don’t have at present is a core group or organization to provide:

  • a central place where people can come to learn about the arts here in Cochrane
  • a way of promoting all of the arts
  • a way of building community among all of the arts represented here

That’s the goal of Cochrane Arts.

Hi. My name is Evelyn Grace Marinoski.

I first got involved with the arts here in Cochrane shortly after I moved here 34 years ago, thanks to an invitation from Jack Tennant to write an Arts & Crafts column for his newspaper. It didn’t take long for me to see that Cochrane had a very amazing arts community and the more I saw, the more I wanted to see that become better known.

You can read more about my involvement with the arts in Cochrane on the ABOUT page, but here’s why I’ve started Cochrane Arts and this website.

Nine years ago I began a group called Arts Cochrane that soon after was registered as a non-profit organization called ACFC – Arts & Culture Foundation of Cochrane. For personal reasons I had to bow out shortly after and it is only now that I am finally able to revisit my dream.

I was surprised to learn recently that ACFC had disbanded. I was sorry to hear that, but I haven’t lost my conviction that Cochrane has an amazing arts community that is so worth exploring and promoting. I also wasn’t ready to give up on the dream I had nine years ago for a strong, united arts community that could do amazing things by working together.

I started asking around and what conversations I have had with people so far tells me that there is still a strong desire in others to see that as well.

I am just starting to explore the possibilities, but here is where I am going for now.

I am starting this website as a central hub for all things arts-wise here in Cochrane (sorry – it’s pretty plain design-wise for the moment, but I wanted to get going.)

This is my gift to the community.

What I am asking is that anyone who is interested in the arts here in Cochrane sign up as a Basic Member – it’s free. This is for anyone – whether you are involved in the arts or just interested. The Basic Membership also includes a Basic listing in your choice of the Directories – for Artists, Artisans (craftspeople), Arts Groups or Organizations, and Arts Businesses.

As a Basic Member you’ll get e-mail updates on the latest happenings in the arts community that I am aware of.

I have a number of other ideas I’m working on, but my priority over the next while is to to spend time meeting with people. I want to listen carefully to what has happened, what is happening, and what people would like to see happen in the years ahead for the arts here in Cochrane.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts with me, and/or interested in being part of the future of the arts here, please feel free to contact me. I very much would love to hear from everyone and anyone who cares about the arts here.

At some point I will be organizing a meeting for all those who are interested. If you want updates on that, sign up for the Basic Membership.

Looking forward to amazing things ahead!

PS. I had the opportunity to be at the unveiling today of the new Mural Mosaic (as seen above) at the Tim Bannister Memorial Rink in Cochrane’s East End.  It’s 40 feet long, with over 1500 tiles contributed by Cochrane artists – apparently the largest mural in the whole Canada 150 mosaic project.  Be sure to stop by and check it out sometime.